Voices from the school: Entrevista com a Shelley.

     On September we received a Canadian trainer, her name is Shelley. As part of our project “Voices from School” we interviewed her.

     We asked her: Do you have a boyfriend?
She has a husband.

     When is cold and when is hot in Canada?
When is winter here in Brazil is summer in Canada.

     We asked her if Canada is more populated than Brazil, she told us there are more people here in Brazil. She told us that she doesn’t have a swimming poll. She is 58 years old.

     Her favorite movie is “A few good man”. She  doesn’t like to draw and knows how to cook.

     She likes Japanese food. She told us that her favorite book is “Number the stars”.

     She likes to go to the cottage with her friends and go to the movies. Shelly taught us 3 expectations we are following here in Full Time: Listen, Make a good choice and Be a team. Sometimes is really hard for us to be a team because we hurt each other, we fight, we don’t listen.

     But we hope to meet Shelley in the future and say:

     We are doing our best!!!

     Full Time AM.

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