Voices from the school: Entrevista com a Elaine.

     Hello! Hi Maple Bear Jaguaré!

     We from Full Time morning made an interview with Elaine, the Canadian trainer who is here at our school for this month, because we wanted to know more about her.

     She was born here in Brazil, and when she was young she went to Canada to live there. Today she lives in Vancouver. She has been to Brazil several times after that.

     We asked if she had travelled to other countries, and she said she has visited the USA, Mexico and Italy before.

     While we were writing the interview, Guilherme asked about her eyes, wondering what color they are. Maybe blue, but we think they are green.

     Elaine knows Barbara very well (the other Canadian that came to Maple Bear Jaguaré in the first semester), because they worked together.

     Elaine’s favorite food is rice and beans, and she likes barbecue too. She loves working with children, she likes Maple Bear Jaguaré because the kids are fun.

     She likes Brazil because people are caring. She likes cats, dogs and loves elephants.

     Hope you like it!

     Teacher Mônica.

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