Voices From School: Entrevista com a Teacher Priscila.

            Last Wednesday we interviewed teacher Pri. It was very interesting because she gave us lots of informations about herself, such as how she became a teacher.

            She answered all of our questions. She really likes coming to school.  We asked her about Year 1 and Year 3 projects, and we heard that they’re working on autonomy and show time. They’re learning how to talk and listen to each other.

            Then we asked about her relationship with her husband, which is beautiful because we heard that they’re great friends!


            She doesn’t like Burger King, she prefers Brazilian food, mainly Comida Mineira. She doesn’t like soccer. She told us how she became a teacher, she had a great teacher when she was young that inspired her. She likes going for a walk with her dog, spending time with her family and going to the beach.


            We asked about her  favorite activist and she told us she really enjoys Rosa Parks’s work. We don’t need to be famous to help people, she said.

            She loves dogs, she is an animal lover, it’s hard to choose one! She shared her favorite movie at the moment, which is “Mirror has two faces”. Her favorite music is “João e Maria” from Chico Buarque. She doesn’t like cars or driving.

            We, from Full Time morning enjoyed participating on this interview.


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