Keep Calm and Carry on.

            In JK, as well as in many of the other classrooms, we have created a Calming Spot. What is a Calming Spot? A Calming Spot is a quiet area of the classroom, equipped with soothing materials, where a child can relax and de-escalate after having, a “meltdown,”or becoming really upset.

            It is normal for children at this age to get frustrated with certain tasks or be overstimulated by the environment. The Calming Spot is a positive place where the child can practice self-calming stategies and learn to self-regulate their emotions, so the next time they encounter a hard situation they are able to deal with it more effectively.

            The Calming Spot is essentially a safe place where the child can go to practice these pre-taught self calming strategies for a short amount of time. The goal is to give the child time away from the situation so that their behavior does not escalate any further. The Calming Spot is not a punishment for the child but a positive reinforment that rewards the child for keeping their emotions in check and using calming strategies so that learning can occur.

            Some of the things that we offer the children in the Calming Spot are: mats to lay down, a picture of a flower/candle to promote deep breathing, headphones to block out noise, Yoga poses on cards, stress relieving balls, a calming bottle, a fidget toy, as well as other materials.

            Now that children are calm, we can learn and have fun!

            See you soon!

            Teacher Terea

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