Teaching Toddlers Science: The Butterfly Lifecycle

Science is the study of the natural world through observation and experimentation, so what better way to teach the Toddlers science than observing a caterpillar make the transformation into a beautiful butterfly. In this Unit Flowers and Garden, were lucky enough to capture a live caterpillar (named Harry) and watch as he eats leaves, makes a cocoon, and emerge as a butterfly.

In order to further explain the butterfly lifecycle, we did not only have “Harry” in the classroom, we also did several activities that helped explain this process.


Reading a Book

“The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is a classic children’s book that beautifully tells the story of a tiny caterpillar turning into a butterfly. The Toddlers love this story and it gives them another reference for what happens to a caterpillar.  Below are some pictures and video of the toddlers listening to the story as well as an animated version of the story. Please watch with you child at home, they will love it!

Sequencing Cards

         Sequencing cards are simply the lifecycle of the butterfly displayed in four pictures and the Toddlers need to arrange them in the correct order. This is a fun game for them and it is a nice repetition of the content that they have already learned.


Educational Toys and Games

Finally, kids learn through play, we offered a variety of toys and games for them to play with the theme of the butterfly life cycle. Here are a few pictured below.

We had a lot of fun this unit and the next unit will be even better when we will be talking about Creepy Crawlers!

See you again soon!

Teacher Terea

Toddler PM

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  1. Love the videos. My daddy used to read this book for me when I was a child. Thank you very much Terea for taking care of my little boy.

  2. Orgulho! É a melhor palavra que define a sensação de ver um post como esse. Parabéns as professoras que se dedicam a ensinar nossos pequenos de maneira tão gostosa.

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