What is a Sensorial table?

We often talk about the sensorial table as if everyone knows exactly what one is. Many of the classrooms have them including Toddler, Nursery, and JK and sometimes other classrooms use them as well, for example, Full time. So what exactly is a sensorial table?

A sensorial table is a table filled with substances and materials for children to touch, smell, see, and hear. In essence, the sensorial table encourages children to play and learn through the use of their senses. It is also a great way for children to learn how to independently explore the world around them, problem-solve, develop creativity, and refine verbal skills.

In the Toddler room we make a new sensorial table every week. As you can see below we use a variety of materials including: sand, water, corn starch, dried pasta, dried beans, colored rice, fabric and much more to create interesting connections to the current unit. Look at how much the Toddler love the sensorial table!


Teacher Terea
Toddler PM

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