Teaching Toddlers with Music

We sing a lot of songs with the toddlers. From the moment they enter the classroom until it is time to sing “Good-bye,” we are constantly singing with them. So why do we use music so frequently?

Songs expand their vocabulary
For our current unit “Under the sea,” we have introduced a lot of new sea animals. By singing songs with the names of these new animals repeatedly it helps the Toddlers to learn them.

Music helps them to remember
Sometimes during the day a person can forget what they were supposed to be doing. Toddlers are no different. Songs create a little reminder of what comes next in their already well established routine.

Music keeps their attention
Circle time can be a challenge for toddlers because sitting still is not always easy for them. Incorporating songs in between learning moments can help keep the toddlers focused and interested in what they are learning about.

Music helps with transitions
When it is time to leave the classroom and go to playground, toddlers have a hard time lining up and walking straight there because they are too easily distracted at this age. We use songs to get the toddlers from one place to another, they can  focus on the teacher singing rather than running around or getting lost.

Songs help children to speak more clearly and learn new phrases
The rhythm of music is a great way to teach a new language to a child. When children speak nursery rhymes and pat a steady beat they speak more clearly. We use this technique when we are singing “Good afternoon,”  “Goodbye,” as well as “Who is here today?”

And finally, it’s FUN!
Teacher Terea Guimaraes

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