Making connections through play

One of the things that we are learning about in the unit Egg Layers is the Life Cycle of the Frog. Teaching concepts such as these to children can be challenging because the information is new to them and may be outside their knowledge base. Therefore, in order to help them absorb these new concepts we try to make learning as fun as possible through play!

sensorial frog tray

The picture above shows a sensory bin we created for the Life Cycle of the Frog. In it there are figurines of different stages of a frog from an egg to a full grown frog. It is available to JK every day during Free Choice!

Life cycle of a froglife cycle 2life cycle 3

Next we created an art project that shows the circular cycle of the frog’s life. JK began by coloring the pictures, then cut them out, and finally glued them in the appropriate order of the frog’s life cycle.

Finally, we used music to enhance JK’s knowledge about frogs. The following link is to a nursery rhythm we taught them called “Five Little Speckled Frogs.” Feel free to click on the link and continue the fun!

Have a great day!


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