Creating a Calm and Quiet Environment

One of our goals for JK this semester is to create an environment that is calm and quiet which is conducive for learning, concentration and creativity. We want to give the kids an opportunity to explore the classroom with focused attention and express themselves in a peaceful and tranquil manner.

Noise Level Meter
Noise Level Meter

In order to accomplish this goal one of the strategies that we have implemented is the Noise Level Meter (pictured above).  This tool was created to help control the amount of noise in the classroom and gently remind the students to keep their voices at a certain level depending on the activity.

For example, during Free Choice, typically the Noise Level Meter is set between two and three. This allows the students to talk in a low to normal voice to the person next to them but discourages them from yelling at someone else across the room.  If the noise level in the classroom exceeds level 3, then the teacher taps on a small bell featured above the chart to gain the attention of the students and remind them that they are too loud.


So far we have found that this new system has been very successful and our hope is that eventually it will become second nature to JK.

See you soon!


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