Shape Searchers Away!

We have a knack for always trying to discover new things, especially when we are 5 and 6 year olds who love to ask why/how/where! You know what the greatest part of learning at this age is? Nothing is better learned then getting your hands (and sometimes feet) dirty and messy!

On this particular day we had a fun completion using all our math skills combined! We split up into 2 teams of 10 children, mixing up and grouping to come up with our team names!

The Idea: Shape Hunters!

Names: Team Leopards and Team Lightning! Go Teams!

The challenge: go on a shape hunt inside the school, anywhere they wanted. The team that found the most shapes in 20 minutes would win a gold star.

Of course we all sat down together first and made the rules. The shapes most common were worth 1 point (circle, triangle, rectangle and square). The harder shapes, such as a hexagon, pentagon and oval, were worth 2 points!

Here is a sneak peak of the fun!


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