3 Magical Lines!

We started round about; we started with one line and no corners. But Kandinsky worked with circles and lines, so the very next shape to pop into our classroom was the triangle. And let me tell, there is more to a triangle then just 3 little lines!

Triangles make up other shapes like no other shape can, it can become a square, a rectangle, a hexagon, a pentagon! This shape brought to life all its buddies; with the triangle we introduced the 2 dimensional factors of shapes!

We learned that flat shapes are one or two dimensional: they can be seen and drawn easily but they are flat! So circle, square, triangle and rectangle, as well as hexagon and oval, were our kick off to explore how many sides they have and how we can use certain shapes to build new ones!

We put triangles together to make squares, and squares together to make rectangles! We had a moment where we could make whatever shape we wanted using many small shapes! Look at our first morning exploring triangles, making our individual collages in groups so that they can discuss and get ideas. First they set up their cool/crazy shapes and then they glued them.

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Oh and it was Beethoven that set us in the mood for our work!

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