Kandinsky WHO?

Did you know who Wassily Kandinsky is? If you asked one of our IK kids, they could tell you all about him!

We took a week to dive into our unit “Shapes” with our feet first, absolutely excited because we know so much but there is still so much more to discover! And that is what Kandinsky did for us; he inspired us to explore shapes in a whole new way.

Wassily was in our circle every day! We learned that he was born in Russia, that he never “learned” how to make art, he drew from the heart. We learned that some of his favorite materials were pastels (a classroom favorite) and that he loved making art while he listened to music. This last fact was implemented from day one in our class and it had a tremendous effect not only on the class as a whole, working quieter together, but individually helping each other respect their classmate’s work moment and learning pace.

1st 2

The first shape was round; it has no sides and no beginning or end! The circle! And with Kandinsky’s ideas, we build circles within circles. We had to hunt around the school all together to fin moveable circles of different sizes. From can lids to wooden blocks to small cups, we collected them and then sized them up from largest to smallest.


Then we rolled up our sleeves and got to our 3 process work! Table 1: tracing the shapes on the colored paper of choice (it’s not that easy for little hands to trace large circles!). Table 2: cutting out all the circles we traced, great motor skills there! Table 3: Organizing and then gluing them one on top of the other! Once that was done then we could decorate them the way we wanted to! Take a look at our busy beehive!


6 7




We also learned about space within a space, just like Kandinsky worked with circles within circles, we practiced measurements and sizes and amounts! We did this with pastels and water colors while listening to Mozart and chatting about our favorite colors!

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