We’re going on a Bear Hunt!


This is a Fantastic book written by Michael Rosen who happens to be a wonderful author of young children’s books and when we began learning about prepositions in Nursery, this book was a fun way to get the whole group involved! If you haven’t had it taken home by your child at any time, let us know and you can borrow it, in this cold weather with a cup of hot cocoa under the blankets all snug, it’s a great read!

As you know, a preposition is a tricky word and in Nursery it was just as tricky, until they learned all about it on a bear hunt!

This story took us through tall grass, under cold water, on top of slushy mud, in a snow storm, over and around a forest and into the bear’s cave!

We had, along with the book, 5 bottles representing each place we had to cross, and as we sang, “We’re going on a bear hunt; we’re going catch a big one! What a Beautiful day! We’re not scared…” we would encounter a bottle filled with grass and we had to pretend to go through it. We also had picture cards to match and the group learned sequencing, labels and positions all in a simple story time. We then put this all on a tray on the shelf and it was amazing, they all took turns putting it in order, the cards and the bottles and would even insist on using the book and would turn the pages as they sang the story!


And since we were learning prepositions from Mr. Bear, we made a salt tray with the letter B b for tracing as interest arose. I can tell you by the end of the week we all knew and recognized the letter B!

We took it to body and movement in the back play area with a fun obstacle course in which they had to go around a pond, over a mountain, under and through a cave and jump in a hoop and over instruments! What fun they had saying the prepositions while moving their bodies! And as their friends waited for their turn they would call out, “jump over! Go under! Go Around!” Prepositions have never been more fun!


If you would like to see Michael Rosen tell his book “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” see this link for his youtube video and enjoy!


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  1. How creative you girls are. I loved every detail of everything you have planned to get the kids involved in this amazing story.

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