Learning at my own pace and loving it!

Our Nursery has been having wonderful learning experiences with the use of the trays that has been teaching them to take their time, learn slowly and with calmness that has been a joy to watch develop. At this age they love to experiment with the new themes on the trays whenever we begin a new unit, but they have begun to appreciate quietly taking their time to do their “work” their way, the best way they know how.

Last week we were learning about water, the marine animals that live in it and how we need it to live happy and healthy. We had a simple tray on the Art shelf that was composed of ocean animal stencils, a pencil, a sharpener and paper. The work was simple, sharpen the pencil, draw in the stencil and recognize the animal and say the name while teacher wrote it down on their paper. Once they were done they could paint it in if they liked, which or course they love to do! It was amazing to watch their patience in all the little things, from drawing the corners, counting the legs of the starfish, discussing where lobsters live and wondering how small the seahorse really is.



They took their time in absolute silence, painting and tracing and just enjoying their tray with their own lovely art work. Once they finished they then would bring the papers to get stapled to make their own little book and would take the paint brush to wash and dry and put the tray away neatly for the next friend.




Many times another friend would sit silently beside and watch them work, ask questions about the sea creature or the colors and say how nice their friend painted. It has been so beautiful to see how they feel comfortable to take their time, sometimes up to half an hour, on one project that uses so many areas of learning and enjoying learning at their own pace.




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  1. What a lovely work girls! I must confess it made me shed some tears. It’s so beautiful to see all this respect regarding the kids own time and how much their work is valued.

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